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Quick Application Guide

(Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Floors)

This concrete / epoxy coating application guide was developed to insure the best possible results are achieved when applying U.S. Industrial Coatings floor coating products over concrete floors and other horizontal concrete surfaces.

  1. Select Appropriate U.S. Industrial Coatings Epoxy coating product.

    Selection should be based on recommended product use as well as customer desired properties, colors, finishes, pricing, etc.

  2. Calculate How Much Epoxy to Order

    • a. Calculate area of surface(s) to be coated, (ie- 2-car garage is approx. 24' x 24', or 576' sqare feet).

    • b. Calculate how many coats of epoxy need to be applied, (in "mils", ie; 12 mils = 2 coats if coverage is avg. 6 mils thickness per coat).

    • c. Multiply (a.) times (b.), (example uses 576 sq. x 2 coats = 1152' sq).

    • d. Divide (c.) by epoxy coating product's "estimated coverage area (per gallon)"

    NOTE: Be sure to add 5% to 10% additional product to your order -- it is better to have a little more than you think you need than to be almost finished and realize you've come up short!

    U.S. Industrial Coatings concrete / epoxy floor coatings are shipped as "kits" which consist of two 1-gallon cans, ("Part A" and "Part B"). Each gallon of U.S. Industrial Coatings 65% Solids Epoxy will cover approximately 200' sq. at approx. 6 mils., ie- 24x24 garage of approx 1200'sq. at approx. 12 mils would take 6 gallons, or "3 kits".

  3. Prepare Surface (for concrete epoxy coating)

    • Sweep or vacuum away any heavy dirt or loose debris.

    • Pressure wash entire surface.

    • Remove any wax, grease, oil or other oily fluid or residue.
      (Note if solvent or de-greaser is used pressure wash again after use.)

    • Fill all voids, cracks, grind down high spots, level surface
      (Use appropriate concrete / epoxy crack fillers, patch kits, mortars, etc).
      (Follow all manufacturer instructions for use with concrete / epoxy coatings).

    • Etch Concrete Surface
      • mix equal parts muriatic acid and water
      • use plastic gardening type sprinkling water can (or plastic pump sprayer), wet all concrete
      • allow acid to etch surface for 15-20 mins.
      • rinse with clear, clean water

  4. Apply Epoxy Coatings

    NOTE: only apply this epoxy coating while temperature is in 50 to 80 degree range and moisture and humidity is low.

    Mix as much epoxy as you can apply in 30 to 60 minutes.

    If you can spread 2 gallons in one hour;

    • pour 1 gal. "Part A" and 1 gal. "Part B" into a clean 5-gallon plastic bucket.

    • Mix for 3 1/2 minutes on low speed 1/2" drill with paddle or Jiffy mixer
      (start mixing at bottom of bucket -- do not lift mixer / paddle in and out as this will induct air into epoxy mixture).

    • begin to cut in edges, corners, doorway openings and other areas
      (anywhere epoxy can not be easily applied with a roller)
      do not cut-in too far ahead to avoid drying

    • roll out floor using a solvent resistant phenolic core shed proof epoxy *roller cover
      (*Roller Covers available from U.S. Industrial Coatings)

    Curing Times (time to dry between coats, "walk on", finish)

    • first coat dry to the touch in 1 to 3 hours.
    • 2nd coat may be applied 2 to 3 hours after first
    • allow 16 to 24 hours before light foot traffic
    • floor fully cured in 3 to 7 days

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