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Epoxy Floor Coatings / Garage Floor Paint


How to solve or prevent common epoxy coating application problems.

We have prepared this guide to help solve problems which may arise due to improper application or due to applying coatings in less than perfect conditions.

  • AIR BUBBLES IN THE COATING - Air bubbles may appear in the coating as small defects or honey comb clusters. In nearly all cases, they are caused by air entrapment in the coating or applied film.

  • FISH EYES - Imperfections in the coating that form circular areas that resemble fish eyes or similar looking flaws in the coating.

  • PEELING OR DELAMINATION - The process of the coating separating from the substrate in either large or small sections or a flaking off of the coating.

  • DULL FINISH - The trait of not being glossy, ie low gloss, flat appearance.

  • WHITE DISCOLORATION SPOTS - The appearance of white spots or white discoloration on or below the surface of the coating.

  • PIGMENT OR COLOR FLOODING - The process of having light and dark streaks visually observed when applying a coating to the substrate.

  • COLOR DIFFERENCES OR SHADING - The look of uniform color with variations in shade or appearance.

  • WRINKLING OF THE FILM - In some applications, problems may arise resulting in wrinkling of the coating that was previously applied to the floor.

  • EXCESSIVE COATING WEAR - Premature wearing or abrading of the coating.

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