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Medium Build
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  • Medium Build / Garage Floor Kits

    (2) Gallon Kit (LIGHT GRAY)

    U.S. Industrial Coatings 65% Solids epoxy floor coating (which is sometimes referred to as "epoxy garage floor paint"), is sold in "kits". Each kit consists of two 1-gallon cans, ("Part A" and "Part B").

    65% Solids Epoxy coating penetrates substrates including concrete and wood and may be used for coating steel. This Epoxy coating is a solvent based primer, Each gallon of U.S. Industrial Coatings 65% Solids Epoxy will cover approximately 275-300' sq. at approx. 6-7 mils.

    [USIC-144] For a high build floor system the top coat should be our 100% solids,2 to 1 mix ratio, Polyamide "color coat" Epoxy It is commonly used Epoxy needed for a thicker floor coating to be withstand heavy foot up to industrial machine traffic. (USIC-93 top coat gives longer pot if life needed for amateur first time applicators)

    (2) Gallon Kit (LIGHT GRAY)
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    (2) Gallon Kit (LIGHT GRAY)
    (2) Gallon Kit (LIGHT GRAY)
    Weight:22 Lbs.
    Size:2 Gallons

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