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    (2) Gallon Kit (WHITE)

    U.S. Industrial Coatings 65% Solids epoxy floor coating (which is sometimes referred to as "garage floor epoxy paint"), This Marijuana grow room floor epoxy color, White is sold in "Grow Room Epoxy kits". Each kit consists of two 1-gallon cans, ("Part A" and "Part B").

    65% Solids Epoxy coating penetrates substrates including concrete and wood and may be used for coating steel. This Epoxy coating is a solvent based primer, Each gallon of U.S. Industrial Coatings 65% Solids Epoxy will cover approximately 275-300' sq. at approx. 6-7 mils.

    [USIC-144] For a high build white epoxy grow room floor coating system the top coat should be our 93% or 100% solids "color coat." Grow room floor epoxy MA.

    (2) Gallon Kit (WHITE)
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    (2) Gallon Kit (WHITE)
    (2) Gallon Kit (WHITE)
    Weight:22 Lbs.
    Size:2 Gallons

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