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Commercial / Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Application Examples

There are U.S. Industrial Coatings products for nearly any type of commercial or industrial floor.   Specialized epoxy formulations are available for chemical resistance, resistance to acids, petroleum products, water and extreme environments including freezing and sub-zero applications.

Before and After photos of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Application.

The photos above show the floor of a garage where battery powered electric golf carts were recharged and stored.   Acids broke down the surface of the bare concrete and oils, grease and dirt had penetrated and stained the floor.   After cleaning and preparing the concrete surface 100% Solids U.S. Industrial Coatings epoxy was applied resulting in a clean, easy to maintain work area.

Before and After photos of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Application.

100% Epoxy Solids can be used to coat concrete floors which are subjected to high impact, machine operation, or other high wear activity -- the epoxy coating will actually strengthen the surface of the floor and can be applied with skid-proof / slip-proof finishes.   Striping and floor marking can be applied as epoxy topcoat which bond and become a single, seamless, high strength floor.

Before and After photos of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Application.

Automotive paint spray-booths, food processing or chemical handling areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly "clean rooms" and other commercial and industrial environments are just a few of the applications for epoxy over concrete flooring.   Epoxy / Urethane coating is an excellent choice for flooring for retail stores, warehouse / storage facilities, and many other types of businesses.

U.S. Industrial Coatings offers a complete range of premium quality, "Made in U.S.A.", epoxy and urethane coatings, products and supplies.

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