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Photo: Dept. of Homeland Defense / Coast Guard use U.S. Industrial Coatings.

U.S. Industrial Coatings used by U.S. Government

Coast Guard Station Epoxy Floor Coating

Photo: (before) unfinished concrete hallway.. a high traffic area.

When the United States Coast Guard was refitting an electronics facility they needed to have the concrete floors sealed, dust free, and durable.   They chose U.S. Industrial Coatings Epoxy Floor products for all high traffic areas -- including hallways and bathrooms.

Photo: (after) U.S. Industrial Coatings Epoxy is applied

Compared to other flooring alternative such as carpeting, tile or ordinary floor paint, the epoxy coating will last longer, stay cleaner and be easier and less expensive to maintain.

Photo: (before) unfinished concrete bathroom floor.

Two coats of U.S. Industrial Coatings High Build 65% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating was applied over prepared concrete floor.

Photo: (after) U.S. Industrial Coatings Epoxy is applied to bathroom floor.

The same durable floor selected by the Coast Guard is available for many types of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

U.S. Industrial Coatings offers a complete range of premium quality, "Made in U.S.A.", epoxy and urethane coatings, products and supplies.

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