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Residential Epoxy Floor Coating

Application Examples

Photo of residential (interior) floor before epoxy application.

U.S. Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of products which can be used to solve many residential flooring problems. This condo had outdated linoleum and a rotting wooden sub floor. The owner wanted a clean, seamless, modern look.

Photo of residential (interior) floor after epoxy application.

The sub-floor was re-sheated with 3/8" plywood, seams and holes were filled and U.S. Industrial Coatings flexible epoxy was applied directly over the plywood.

Photo of residential garage floor before epoxy application.

Perhaps the most popular use for epoxy in residential homes is to coat concrete garage floors.   U.S. Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of products in many colors and finishes in "do it yourself" (homeowner applied), and bulk / contractor grade packages.

Photo of residential garage floor after epoxy application.

This garage floor was treated to (2) coats of 100% Solids Epoxy in medium grey to provide a dust-free, easy to clean, oil and chemical resistant floor.   Epoxy coated concrete garage floors look great and add value to your home!

U.S. Industrial Coatings offers a complete range of premium quality, "Made in U.S.A.", epoxy and urethane coatings, products and supplies.

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